Tales of the Town

Hosted by One Five West: Sophie Bullock and Anna Horton-Cremin & Zak Tanamli

Artists One Five West will embark on an ambitious, interactive, community-led oral histories project. Working with local anthropologist, Zak Tanaml they will collect stories from local residents, capturing tales that will be transformed into sacred storytelling objects. The objects’ designs will be inspired by the natural landscape, people of the town, and local industry; such as cotton and lace, wood and wool. People walking in front of these objects will trigger sensor technology, when activated the recorded stories will be played for those to hear.

This project is supported by a grant to One Five West from Innovate UK, the UK’s leading innovation agency.

The public exhibition will take place from  2 – 4 June and will be accompanied by a family event at Bollington Arts Centre on 3 June.

To contribute, email Zak at ztanamli@nullgmail.com or call 07929 381657.

Venue Map