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Helping the creative & digital businesses of Cheshire East collaborate and prosper. 


The Weave network is an industry-led group to promote the creative and digital sector, address skills gaps and help ensure our businesses can continue to flourish. Cheshire East is home to a thriving creative cluster, this includes a wide range of expertise and specialisms such as programming, software development, game and app design, website building and advertising. Although a majority of the sector’s businesses are small, with around 80 per cent employing less than 10 staff, the borough is also home to a number of truly world-leading businesses. These include: Warner Bros-owned TT Fusion, makers of Lego games, in Wilmslow; ThinkPositive’s newly-established European design centre, in Bollington; Barclays global technology centre, in Knutsford; and McCann, in Prestbury, the largest advertising agency outside London.
The creative and digital sector has grown 30 per cent faster than the average for the economy in recent years and is set to deliver further significant growth in the future as the use and sophistication of digital applications increases.
The Weave name was chosen to reflect the cultural history of the area linked to the textile and silk industry of Cheshire East and of how Weave is helping businesses work with one another to the mutual benefit of the sector.


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